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    core 2 quad compared to core i5




      above is the link were i compared to 2 cpu's in question


      my question is why is the core 2 quad still £/$300+ where the obviously much more superior core i5 is around the £/$200 mark?


      im currently running a worthy gaming rig for most new games only thing is my cpu is a bit on the poor side. i have been wanting to upgrade to the core 2 quad 3Ghz for along time now, just been waiting for the price to come down now the new series of cpu's is out "and have been for a while now". i have been expecting to see the price of older and lesser cpu's drop in price but everywhere i look the core 2 quad is still high priced.

      i would love to have the core i5 but i don't have the money to buy all new parts just to upgrade my cpu. can anyone tell my were i can get a cheep core 2 quad 3Ghz from?



      i just want to upgrade my cpu not my whole pc for less than £200

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          Please keep in mind that the pricing information that Intel handle is only an average price, so I would recommend contacting any of the local Authorized Intel® Distributors, so they can provide you accurate pricing information.

          You can find a list of Authorized Intel® Distributors at:



          If you are outside the United States, please access the following link and select a location, to find the closest authorized distributor:


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            You are compairing apples to oranges , two different sockets two different sys.  I have a QX9650 unlocked , running at 3.8 stable ram DDR3-1333 clocked to 1400 Mhz , the difference is the I5 has a built in memory controller and the QX9650 does not. with the 9650 I can Bench with the I7-760 . But thats My sys with alot of tweeks. 

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              i know they are two different sockets and this is my point i don't want to have to build a whole new pc just to replace my cpu. im looking for a nice upgrade to my older system without spending too much. the i5 3.3 Ghz is a very nice cpu for a low price but i don't have spare money to buy a whole new set up. i just want the core 2 quad 3Ghz so my pc will last a while longer. here is my specs

              cpu: Intel® Pentium® D Processor 930 (4M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)

              motherboard: Asus P5N-T deluxe

              memory: Corsair Memory XMS2 6GB DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) Dual Channel (2x1GB 2x2GB)

              gfx: Palit GeForce® 9800GT Super+1GB (1024MB GDDR3)


              as you can see the bottle neck in my pc is the cpu so i just need a low cost but efficient cpu for my system

              and the comparison was just on the price for the 2 cpu's i have been talking about

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                Your board can run a QX9650 , But the bottle neck would be the ram because the QX9650 Runs a 1333 FSB , Cousair makes a DDR2-1250 which you could clock up to 1333, Part # CM2X1024-10000C5D , That will give you 4GB But much faster Ram. , This as fast as you can run your board Limitations of DDR 2 .

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                  The CPU QX9650 is EOL , But they can be found on Ebay for a good price . Just be careful who you buy from Make sure it does not say NO RETURNS.

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                    thanks for the info about the ram, part 2 of the upgrades keeping my pc running for a while longer and yeah i was looking on ebay at the QX9650 i seen 1 for £100 but didnt think to check for the no returns bit. thanks again for the heads up. hope i find another 1 for about the same price around pay day