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    DX58SO2 MOB Hangs up after BIOS updated to vsn 0876


      My DX58SO2 had been working (Win 7 x64 OS). Then after updating BIOS to vsn 0876 and making several edits to BIOS, when I boot up, after POST the BIOS now displays:
      "Initializing Intel Boot Agent GE  v1.3.65

      PXE 2.1 Build 089 (WfM2.0)"

      followed by a blinking cursor hang up. All Function keys on keyboard are unresponsive, so I can no longer use F2 to re-enter BIOS setup.


      I ran the Recovery BIOS CD (with configuration jumper removed) and the screen indicated success, but at power-up I still had the same display shown above with blinking cursor.


      Then I moved the configuration jumper to "Configure," but there was no maintenance menu displayed and with keyboard unresponsive, I could not use F9 to restore BIOS settings to default values.


      Does anyone have any idea (A) what the above display means, and (B) what I should try next?