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    i7 extreme - pipeline parameters

      I am looking for more details about the i7 exterme and i am not able to find it in your datasheet.
      would appreciate your help in the following issues:
      1. How many instruction units there are in each core and which kind?
      2. How many stages in the pipeline? what is the depth of the pipeline? and what is the freq of the pipeline?
      thanks a lot!!!
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          I see that you are looking for very specific information about our processors, in this particular case, since you have very specific questions, if the information is not located on the datasheets, I would suggest contacting a Field Application Engineer (FAE). So they can provide you the information that you need.

          In order to contact a Field Application Engineer (FAE), you need to call any of the Authorized Intel® Distributors, and ask them to put you in contact with a Field Application Engineer (FAE).

          You can find a list of Authorized Intel® Distributors at:



          If you are outside the United States, please access the following link and select a location, to find the closest authorized distributor: