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    Intel HD Graphics 3000, XP Driver turns backlight off


      Dear community,

      recently I've bought an HP Pavilion G6-1254SG Notebook. I installed a Windows XP Professional 32 Bit version. Everything is working fine except the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver: Graphics driver version ( for Intel® integrated graphics


      The driver installs very well, but after reboot, the display gets black. With an pocket flashlight I'm able to see, that the driver is working fine. An external display is driven fine, but the internal display is black (the LED backlight is off). Some technical details:


      Manufacturer Intel
      Model  Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz


      Manufacturer  Intel
      Model  166F
      AA Number 09.37
      BIOS Vendor Hewlett-Packard
      BIOS Version F.33
      BIOS Release Date 08/30/11



      Intel® HM65 Express Chipset



      Adaptertype    Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, Intel Corporation-compatibel
      Adapterdescription    Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
      Adapter-RAM    256,00 MB (268.435.456 Bytes)


      By the way, I tired nearly everything to get the backlight on, pressing several function keys that normaly change the brightness, installing different drivers like older ones, mobile ones, setting the PCI adress 00:02.0 F4 manually with a tool. Nothing helps.


      I would appreciate any hint, what I may do,

      thanks Klasi

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          Please keep in mind that all the drivers that we provide are generic drivers for the video controllers we designed.


          However, each Original Equipment Manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer, can add, change or remove the features supported on their systems, and therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes.


          In this case, if you already tried the latest and previous generic drivers and updated the system BIOS and you still have the same behavior, you should check directly with your Original Equipment Manufacturer and use the drivers provided by them.

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            much thanks for your answer and you're absolutly right. Intel provides only generic drivers. Normally I would use the ones provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Did I missed to tell, that Helwelt Packard canceld XP support in 2008? Sadly I found this on their Website, after I bought the Notebook .


            So HP does not provide any XP driver. So my hope is, to find out, how to turn the Backlight on. At least, it was a hard way to find out which hardware is implemented and to find the correct drivers. And I'm finally through. Everything works fine, except the backlight. If I would get a hint, which Address to set or stuff, I would write me a script at startup to do the job....


            ...still happy with any hint,

            thanks klasi

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              me n0

              Kind of vague answer from intel, don't  you think


              If you're having trouble with your laptop backlight with intel hd graphics, you should check out

              bkltON.zip - Google Drive


              Have a nice day..