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    Blurry text at high resolutions




      I have an Lenovo Z360 laptop with two graphic cards:


      Intel HD Graphics - Handles desktop

      Nvidia 310M - Handles games


      My desktop native's resolution is 1336x768, and I got a really blurry text when I connect it to my 42" TV, 1920x1080.


      Here's a picture of it:






      That white text says "Both photos were taken from TV"


      In movies and games the image is OK, but for windows and internet browsing it's impossibru (joke xD)


      Also, it cuts all 4 edges of my screen:




      I know you can adjust screen proportion on Intel's panels, that solves the borders, but makes text even harder to read...


      I'm using the latest Intel drivers, just installed them.

      Windows 7 64bits


      Thanks in advance!