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    How to get Intel HD Graphics to increase clock speed?


      My laptop has a Pentium U5600 and its associated IGP, the 1st generation Intel GMA HD. Since it is a ultra-low voltage processor, it naturally has a very low base clock for the GMA HD, which is 166 MHz. Supposedly, it has a "Max Dynamic Clock Frequency" of 500MHz. However, using various utilities like GPU-Z and Everest to record the GMA HD clock speed within Half-Life 2, 3DMark06, etc I never see the GPU speed increase beyond its 166MHz base. This is far too slow for any use.


      Any ideas on how to get the GPU to run three times faster, at its proper speed of 500MHz?

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          The processor that you are using in fact features Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency at 500 MHz, which is managed by the system BIOS itself depending on how much is detected as needed and depending on the power headroom left.


          In the other hand keep in mind that this is a lower power consumption processor which its main target will be to stay at lower frequencies.


          All this is controlled by what your Original Equipment Manufacturer has enabled the system to do, so in this case you should consult with your computer manufacturer to see if the Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency is enabled for your system and check if everything is working as they designed to work.