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    Intel HD Graphics - No HDMI Monitor Detected


      I recently purchased a new monitor to use as my laptop screen. The display works through the HDMI port when the Intel HD Graphics are uninstalled, but only at 800x600,  1024x768 and 1280x720.


      However when the Intel HD Graphics drivers for my i5-430M (Running on Windows 7) are installed the monitor cuts off after the 'Windows is Starting screen' and only the internal laptop monitor is detected.


      The Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel only gives options for Single Display and under Monitor/TV Settings it says Monitor/TV Settings are not supported. Any idea on how I can get both the eternal display and Intel HD Graphics working?

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          I got exactly the same Problem with INTEL Core i5-2557M ULV. With Standard Windows driver all works fine, exept the bad resolutions. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premuim.


          If I install the Intel HD3000 drivers(tested many), the screen is black after the "Windows is starting screen" which is displayed fine.


          I found many Forums where this problem is discussed, but no solution yet


          Can u help Intel?