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    dz68bc stuck at status code 15


      I recently purchased a dz68bc motherboard, with the i5 2500, and 8 gigs of ram. I had it up and running, and upon reboot to test my ram my motherboard now hangs at the status code 15, which is "LAN device initialization". It does this with no ram in the system, and doesnt get to the error code for not having ram. Any ideas as to what could be the holdup for the board? Ive waited 10+ minutes as well, to make sure it wasnt a temporary initialization thing.

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          Exit early platform init driver is the specific code, after reading up on the intel documentation online, vs the pamphlet that came with the motherboard.

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            I recently purchased the same board and am experiencing the same problem. I receive the code number 15 and my computer won't continue with the boot process. Did you ever figure out the problem?

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              Struck with same problem.....any senior got the solution?is it mother board problem?

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                Have your tried disabling the Boot From LAN option in the BIOS?

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                  I have a similar intermittent issue - POST code 15 - is early initialisation of the board.


                  Power off (remove mains power altogether) Remove battery, leave board to 15 minutes , reinsert battery and re-setup bios to taste.


                  Does that get the board going again?


                  If it does but the problem come back as a fairly solid non-initialisation to POST 15, using the the Back to BIOS button may get the system starting again so that you can access the bios to default it again....

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                    Miguel Lopez

                    whenever my board gets past the error 15 it just freezes at error 20 now. looks like there is still no fix for this. any help not already posted is greatly appreciated.

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                      New member here.

                      Just wanted to advise that I am also using a system with this board and we had some issues for a while. Basically the system would run but with startup and shutdown issues; otherwise mostly stable; however a video problem and sudden restarts got me suspicious of the power supply. Power supply went back under warranty, replacement had the same problem, and eventually manfucturer (Silverstone) agreed to replace under warranty, based on possible compatiblity issues, with an Antec unit which has shown none of these problems since. Both were top of the line 1200 Watt models. In between power supply replacements I was using a Codegen 1000 Watt unit that I had spare and had no issues with this either. It has now been several months with the Antec installed and running well.


                      Just thought I would offer this experience as compatiblity issues sound to me like the kind of factor that may effect a boot initialisation issue. Maybe or maybe not on the right track and maybe something other than PSU. I had error codes as well but not the same one and not the same behaviour.


                      I may be going to Windows 8 on this board as a point of interest and will be interested to see the performance with enabling UEFI. Have not tried the previews on this system.

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                        Thank you for the reply....I consulted the ICS for the problem with all my bills.the checked the mobo and confirmed the faulty RAM modules of the mobo.As I inquired more about the problem they explained the basic procedure of mobo working along with the help of processor....

                        explanation goes as......initial power up of mobo for the first time....it check the basic parameters of board validating the existence of processor along with basic input output source then it sends this data to small memory space in processor where processor assimilates and converts this info to RAM where this data is stored in initial 64bytes and initiates the processes of booting,validating optic disc and hard drives and the process goes on until the screen flashes up for normal working of the PC.


                        So here...data received from processor and mobo were not stored in RAM as data was not transferred to RAM.so the status code was struck with 15.


                        for me they simply replaced my board which booted smoothly....


                        I verified the info provide by error code book paper supplied with board.it has series of events taking place as....bios initiation followed by processor initiation...and checked that code  15 is before RAM initiation.so...problem is board with RAM module so alll of u with same problem can contact ICS for replacement or rectification of the mobo..


                        check this for POST codes representing initial problem...


                        Thank you all...

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                          I had similar problem.

                          i.e dz68bc stuck at status code 15

                          also had 3 short beeps at POST

                          Contacted Intel. Firmware I had installed version 0028 did not support my 3rd generation processor i73770K.

                          Had to put in another older CPU that was supported. Flashed BIOS to latest ver 39.

                          Put new i7 3770K back into motherboard and was able to install win 7