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    Why will intel hd graphics/audio not work?


      Hello all - first time poster.


      I am running an intel i3-530 on a gigabyte h57m-usb3 motherboard. I have an hdmi out from the mb to my sony amplifier to a 5.1 system.


      Previously, I have had no problem getting hd audio. I did a reinstall of windows 7 32-bit professional a few days ago and my sony amp is now recognised in control panel but the supported formats only lists dolby, dolby+ and DTS – ie all of the HD audio formats that were previously available are now no longer available. Under the properties tab for the AVAMP, the controller information is listed as High Definition Audio by Microsoft.


      I am certain that the controller should be the intel hd graphics/audio driver but I cannot get it to take over. I have downloaded the latest intel exe, removed the microsoft high definition audio and the realtek high definition audio from device manager ("under sound, video and game controllers). I have then run the intel exe without a problem, the system has rebooted and then the microsoft and realtek drivers are right back in.


      Having spoken to a friend with a similar setup (same motherboard and processor), he has confirmed that the controller should be the intel one.


      Is there any way to force the intel driver to override microsoft's? It's driving me nuts that every time I reboot the system, the microsoft and realtek drivers are back installed EVEN after uninstalling them and running the intel exe file.


      Any help would be hugely appreciated!





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          I would suggest installing the official drivers provided by the motherboard manufacturer, in this case the ones provided by Gigabyte*.

          If Microsoft* is still taking over, I would suggest contacting Microsoft* corporation to see if they can help you disabling that.

          Also, you can try a clean installation of the operating system to see if that helps.