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    1C22 SMBBus 2.0 Driver


      In my DZ68BC system (Win7-64), when I check drivers using the Driver Manager, it indicates that there is a newer update to the 1C22 SMBBus 2.0 Driver.


      I have V dated 1/18/2010


      I was thinking it was in INF_allOS_9.2.0.1030.exe, but I'm not really sure.


      Would  appreciate if someone could point me toward the update for this...



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          Since I have not received any response here, I have been trying to contact Intel Support.


          On the email route, I cannot find the DZ68BC as a option.  The chat route seems busy all of the time.


          Can someone give me a link or other tip so I can pose this question directly to Intel Support?


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            Hi - I do not own a DZ68BC board but, for my edification, I went to the Intel download center and entered with your board and OS. The chipset version is the latest. If you mean by Download Manager, the website, I would think you would be better informed by using the Intel Download Manager and the Intel automatic search for drivers (both on the same page). Especially since you have an Intel board.  Also, on that page you will find the heading for Help and under that a link to the page where you found chat. My experience has been that the early morning hours eastern time has been the best time to get through to chat. Right below chat you will find a link to telephone numbers. Regards. Peter

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              Just for clarification, I was using the Intel Driver Manager which was telling me that my driver was not current.


              Am on the west coast, and unfortunately a working stiff, so I will just have to keep trying to contact Intel support.






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                I have a DZ68BC with Windows 8 Developer Preview and have the same SMBBus 2.0 driver revision: 6.8.12.


                When I run the Intel Driver Update Utility it doesn't report that a newer version is available.


                I tried to google 'Intel Driver Manager' but got no hits. Which tool are you using that reports that a newer revision is available?

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                  I tried to retrace my steps from last week and I may have been snookered by this page www.intel.drivermanager.com and thought it was an Intel page.


                  The official Intel® Driver Update Utility does show the chipset drivers to be current.


                  What originally got me on this chase was that I have had a couple of crashes when plugging a thumbdrive into the front panel USB ports.  No problems seen with the USB 3 ports.  I'll, just have to keep an eye on that.


                  Anyway, thanks for the help and getting me going back the right direction.