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    IAANTmon.exe problem


      I am having a problem with the IAANTmon.exe service that is a part of the Intel Rapid Storage Technologies software.  It is casing the CPU to spike which causes interuptions and buzzing when playing video and audio. I am using the 64 bit version of Widows 7.  This problem is fairly well documented and it is recomended to stop the service if not using a RAID.  I am using a RAID however.  Can it still be stopped?  Is there an update to the program coming?  I have been battling this problem for several months.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hey guys,


          I am experiencing exactly the same problem as the OP- iaantmon.exe is causing cpu spikes that in turn cause a system slow down resulting in stuttering audio/video etc.  I have positively traced the cpu spikes to iaantmon, and because I am using a RAID setup I am not able to disable the process.


          Does anyone have any recommendations for a way forward from this?  Is it possible to roll back the driver as I only updated it a few days ago?


          Thanks for any help.