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    1366x768/60Hz for Philips 18,5" LCD display (Type: 192E1SB/00)




      could someone help me to bring 1366x768/60Hz to my brand new Philips 18,5" LCD display (Type: 192E1SB/00).

      I have a Dell optiplex 745 PC with integrated Intel 82Q965 graphic accelator, but as it known, it does not support the 1366x768.

      Could it be somehow hacked to make the LCD display work properly with that resolution?


      The PC has a DVI-I output, but now I had only VGA cable, so the display is connected to my pc via VGA cable with a DVI-VGA adapter.

      I tried to read out the EDID info from the registry, but none of the reader softwares worked.

      I'm going to get a DVI-D dual link cable on monday, I hope it helps some, but I do not know.


      Thank you in advance!