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    Video problem, not sure if video or hardware related


      Hello, and sorry in advance for the confusing post.


      I have an i7 2600k with a dz68bc motherboard.  No video card, was using the i7's onboard video(as far as I know).

      Things ran fine for a week or so, but then there would be a sudden restart or the video would crash and the screen would flicker solid colors.  I called Intel to ask a few questions and was told to update the BIOS and see if the problem would persist in safe mode.  Things seem to run fine in safe mode but the video crashes after getting to the desktop when running Windows normaly.  The whole thing seems like just a driver issue but I saw in the BIOS my CPU was running around 70c at idle and my heatsink didn't seem as warm as it should given the CPU temp.  I'm sure this is a bit confusing but any ideas to troubleshoot this would be very appreciated.


      Thanks for your time.

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          I have the same problem with the kit 2600K and DZ68BC.


          Only the I7 temperature is normal (+/- 50C in the BIOS).



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            Well, that's interesting.  I talked to a support rep and they said they temp I have is normal for bios on this board as it was supposedly running the cpu at full load.  I havent had any issues after I put in a new video card.  Still wonder what the real deal is.

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              I see this post is over 6 months old, but was wondering if anyone found anything more out?  I just build a new system last month with this MB and an Intel i5-3570K Processor, and have just recently been having the same issues.  It would happen even when the computer was at idle for a long time.  Now, since this weekend none of the Video will work.  I ran the Intel XTU on the video and it crashed.  Now when I turn the computer on, it will go through POST find then display Eb on the 80 LED Display then will beep twice, pause then beep twice then will go on.  I can not get video to work with it at all.  I tried a PCI Video card, and when I went to set the resolution, it froze up and now will not boot at all past the Intel Flash screen.  I have been monitoring my temps and fans when it would work and nothing was out of the ordinary.  I have ample airflow with 2 80mm intake fans, 1 stock CPU fan 1 80mm RAM Fan, and 1 120mm Exhaust fan, so I know the temperatures is not the problem. I am going to contact Intel this week about getting a replacement.  My thoughts is that the Z68 Chipset is bad.

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                Ted Butler

                I've been having problems with the onboard video for the last few weeks.  Random crashes when I'm using the computer. No pattern that I can see, just random crashes. I just get a bunch of different colored solid lines horizontally across the screen.  I also see this error in my Windows system log every time the computer freezes:

                Driver PCI returned invalid ID for a child device (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF00).

                I also noticed that during bootup, my LCD monitor would not display the BIOS, it would just go straight to Windows. I updated to the latest BIOS and video driver, but still crashing.

                Today, I just shut off the onboard video and installed an unused video card that I have. Now the BIOS displays normally at boot, and I haven't had a crash in several hours. I'll post updates in a few days to let you know if the problem is gone, or recurs.

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                  I got Intel to RMA the old board and they sent me a new one.  I got it up and running, and even installed a new PSU (Corsair Professional 750w) think that the 450w I had in wasn't strong enough.  Everything worked fine for a few days, then I shut the computer down to move it from the front room, into the office.  When I went to turn it on, I got nothing, not video at all and the PC would beep twice alerting me that it did not detect a monitor.  The only thing that I could think of was maybe a bad BIOS flash, that may have not started acting up until it was completely shut down.  I figure that because I had not changed any thing in the BIOS other than turning off the Chassis Intrusion monitor, and on start up when it started to beep, the LED for the Watch Dog Monitor would flash red and not stop.  I removed the jumper from the BIOS pins and loaded up a new copy of the BIOS on a bootable flash drive, than rebooted.  After a while I restarted the computer, and miraculously the video was back.  This was over a week ago and to this day, I have not had any issues with it.  If you are having the video issues with the IGP, than I would suggest re-flashing the BIOS and see it that helps you out.  It worked for me.  Also, I read somewhere that when using a Gen 2 CPU with this board and you update the BIOS past 028, there have been issues with using digital monitors (HDMI, DVI, DP) when using the IGP.  I don't think there is a fix for it yet other than RMAing the board and getting one with the 028 BIOS or earlier on it.