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      I am trying to set up an Intel D865PERL motherboard on a computer for my wife. Everything is running perfectly on Windows XP Pro OS with SP3 except the sound. I have updated the BIOS, the Chipset, and the Audio driver for SoundMax. I have checked the BIOS to insure that the audio settings are enabled. I have tried with two separate speaker systems, both of which produce sound on other Dell computers. I have plugged both sets of speakers (individually) in the appropriate (green) audio port, and have made these attempts in both the rear panel (with jumpers on pins 5-6 and 9-10) and in the front panel (using the two cables from the front panel audio inserted on the audio header). When I open the Device Manager, there are no punts, and it shows SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio with driver version; however when I access the “Scan my Computer” from the Intel Support web site, it continually tells me that there is an audio driver update (to, which is the version the computer shows). Additionally, there is no sound on start-up or shut-down, regardless of how the speakers are configured (front or back audio panel).

      I downloaded the D865PERL manual from the Intel site, and it shows the following header configuration for the front panel audio connectors.

      Front Audio Header 1.png

      However, in another manual the connectors are shown as follows:

      AC97 Header Connections.png


      I do not have HD, so I presume pin 7 should be vacant, but in the first configuration pin 4 shows AUD-VCC (+5v power?), while the second configurations shows AUD_GND on pin 4. Which is correct? I am further confused by the fact that the two cables from the front audio panel have three connectors for MIC and five for Audio, as shown below, but there does not seem to be a Power connector for the audio.

      MIC Header Connectors.pngAudio Header Connectors.png


                                MIC Cable                                                     Sound Cable

      A search for the three files (smwdm.sys, smwdm.inf and smx.cat) that should be associated with audio drivers, shows the first and third to be in the following locations. The second (smwdm.inf) is not on the computer.

      Audio Files Location.png


      Any help you could provide to help me to have functional sound with this computer would be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your attention,

      Ken Klein

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          Rather than complicating matters at this stage, it'd be worth unplugging the front Audio headers altogether until there is at least sound out of the rear audio ports. If you can't get simple stereo by plugging a pair of speakers into the green jack have you checked the speakers are switched on, amplified and if battery powered, the batteries are new? Sorry to ask what may seem obvious but sometimes not everyone thinks of, or is aware of, these things. Have you tried plugging in an audio receiver to the TOSLINK (fibre optic) port on the back of the board? Many stereos and home entertainment equipment comes with such capability these days.


          I assume the latest drivers you installed included the Intel Chipset drivers FIRST immediately after the OS installation and any of the Windows Live updates it wants (including all DirectX updates)? Doing this in the wrong order can cause problems (even though XP may attempt to use native chipset drivers) and I suspect the fact you're being prompted about newer drivers MAY indicate a problem with the installation (although that said, Windows 7 has recently been nagging me to update my perfectly working printer drivers to the same version already in use).


          Intel have an Audio Troubleshooting webpage here - maybe that will help?

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            Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will grant you that I have tried so many of the Intel updates that I no longer have any idea of the order of the installs, so that may be an issue. The speakers (both sets I have tried - powered and not powered) work fine in my wife's old W2K Dell that is on the same desk as the newer computer I am trying to configure for her. Rather than starting over with the OS install, paying more attention to the order of the updates, it might be easier to slap in an inexpensive audio card and use its drivers after disabling SoundMAX. Your  TOSLINK solution is intriguing; however I do not have an AVR with optical capability on the same floor as my wife's office. I can't wait to go through all this again when Windows 7 becomes absolutely necessary. Happy New Year....

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              What's in the Audiio troubleshooting wizard that I linked to earlier is very relevant to your situation (and there's information specific to Win XP installations). If you click the link and then the button on the page you get to, there's a great flowchart you go through to help you work out what's going on. Have you gone right through it (selecting Soundmax on the way) with absolutely no success? If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot.

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                Under Linux, the solution was to use OSS

                instead of ALSA.