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    DX58SO2 Wake on LAN issues.


      I currently have 34 systems in the field using the Intel DX58SO2 motherboard.  With the current 0876 bios and the latest LAN drivers installed, with WOL turned on the BIOS, I have a issue with cold boots.  When the motherboard is completely powered off, and power is discharged from the motherboard, the computer powercycles when power is re-applied.  It also makes an attempt to POST when the power button is first depressed. If the WOL is turned off in the BIOS the computer functions perfectly, but for the applications it has been deployed for it must be turned on.  This issue has made the systems upredictable with the applacations this is being used for.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          In the Intel Ethernet Drivers for this hardware, what option(s) is/are ticked in the 'Power Management' tab and have you clicked on (but not ticked) all the various options to see which would best suit the applications you want to run these systems with (make sure you read the notes regarding wake on link)? You may need to do some trialing to see which works best for your specific application. What type of wake-up call does the server (or is it a client to client system?) send down the network and are these client PCs expected to wake from a fully powered down (S5) state (if so, as an interim solution you may have more success configuring the PCs to hibernate and waking from that state instead).