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    Problem with HD Graphics and HDMI connection


      Dear All,


      I have the following problem after purchasing a new Lenovo Notebook with an Intel HD Graphics Chip:


      Initially, my external display (Viewsonic VX2260wm via HDMI) was not recognized properly by the system. I then updated the Drivers installed on the system to the latest version from the intel website ( according to the Graphics manager info center) and the display was working fine. However, in the moment I re-started my system, the display stopped working again. That means that I neither got a signal on it nor did I see it in the Windows Utility or the Intel Utility.

      When I re-install the driver, the screen is working properly again (even using the settings I put in the first time) UNTIL I restart.


      Any ideas what could cause this?


      Some Facts:

      - External Screen: Viewsonic VX2260wm

      - Notebook: Lenovo B570 Series

      - Intel HD Graphics: Processor: Intel64 Familiy 6 Model 42 Stepping 7

      - Driver Version which briefly works:

      - Operating System: Win7 x64 SP1



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          It's grid situation.


          There are many ways to happens this:

          1. go in Safe Mode to device manager and remove every monitors - usually You will find there something like Digital Display.

          After reboot it will detect monitor/s under new installed driver and all will be fine.


          2. the other trick (performance impact) is to set in Intel Graphic driver "clonning" mode. It's not perfect way but mostly let You solve problem.


          3. Solution when picture is black press CTRL+ALT+F1 . if this keyboard shortcut works and nothing from solution 1/2 didn't help i worry You will have every time press CTRL+ALT+F1 after reboot. I know it's little crazy but mostly situation You desrcribed is some driver<>BIOS compatiblity.

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            I tried point 1 and point 3, both did not work. How do I perform point 2?



            I made a new observation when I performed point 1: In safe mode my external display actually works (and only that one!). Also, there is absolutely no display present in my device manager, which is rather strange I would say. Anymore tips from anybody?

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              I have the same problem too. My laptop is a Lenovo B570 with an integrated Intel HD graphics controller. I have the latest drivers v. (64bit). The OS installed is Windows 7 Professional 64bit.


              The first time I connected my TV (Samsung LCD) to my laptop it worked fine. After I restarted the laptop and reconnected the TV it wouldn't recognize it anymore. I tried all steps suggested by Tomasz, but nothing works. I tried rolling back to an earlier version of the driver, but no luck.


              Searching communities.intel.com, I found a bunch of ohter threads with similar issues related to the HDMI connector... so I suspect it's a driver issue...


              Can you please sugest anything else?



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                Try this driver: http://www.multiupload.com/QFN1TZ2DF5



                Different revision, maybe this helps.

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                  @ HomerNL

                  Interesting observation in safe mode..hmm.

                  So far everything points that driver is badly written, and has some compatibility issues,

                  I hope fix will come out soon.

                  My external dell monitor didn't work regardless of its drivers.



                  I can install only graphic driver from manufacturer  (hp in this case)

                  Not validated for this computer. please obtain the appropriate driver from manufacturer

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                    Shape, thebrightestday,


                    in my case (Lenovo B570 as well) the situation now seems to be the following: External monitor always works during start-up ("windows is loading") and in safe mode. In normal mode it works inconsistently (in most cases the external monitor turns off in the moment the login screen appears), but it always works if I re-install the graphics driver w/o re-booting. I even tried both the newest Intel driver and the slightly older driver available on the Lenovo homepage and both have exactly the same effect. However, sometimes it also just works like you would expect it w/o re-installation. And the emphasis here is really "sometimes" as I cannot see any pattern.


                    I can only agree with thebrightestday, those drivers are obviously horribly written, never had any similar problems with any monitor/laptop combination. Let's hope the next driver generation will be more consistent.


                    Except of course anybody here has any magic tricks ;-).

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                      Maybe disk install method does work.

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                        I have the same problem with dvi-d connection...

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                          After reading a few articles online, I figured I could try upgrading my chipset drivers (not the video controller drivers). My laptop has an Intel 6 Series/C200 chipset, which Intel recognized was faulty back in February-March 2011 (just google: intel 6 series chipset issues).


                          After upgrading my chipset drivers to v9.2.0.1030 (search intel site for: INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets) my HDMI connection worked for a brief moment – that is until I restarted the OS. The same problem I had the first time – see my previous post. I tried rolling back the intel chipset drivers to an earlier version, reinstalling the latest version, going to safe mode – but nothing works.




                          So maybe the problem is not with Intel HD Graphics 3000 video controller, but with the Intel 6 Series chipset, or maybe with both… I’ll stop trying anything else for the moment (it’s very frustrating) until Intel releases a new driver for both HD Graphics and 6 Series Chipset. I’m going to use the VGA connection instead (good thing my TV has VGA too).


                          PS: I'm using another username 'cause Intel blocked my other account (Sharpe)... surely by pure accident...

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                            Ujjwal Rao

                            Thanks guys!


                            Sharpe-2 your fix worked for my Lenovo B560, running a Win 7 32-bit (did a clean reinstall). I upgraded the display to Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Win 7 v and the chipset to Intel Chipset driver v


                            Earlier the external monitor / projector did not pick up the clone display, but now it does.