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    RAID Web Console 2 - cannot find ESXi 5.0 server


      The VMware compatabilty page says the Intel RS2BL040 controller is supported under ESXi 5.0.

      I have installed ESXi 5.0 and I have added two "vib" files that I downloaded from http://http://www.lsi.com/channel/products/storagecomponents/Pages/MegaRAIDSAS9260-4i.aspx

      The download has the description "VMWare SMIS Provider VIBCertified, OS: VMWare ESX 5.x".  

      From vSphere, configuration, health status, storage I get a screen that shows the Intel RAID controller by name and shows it's drives, ports, volumes, etc.


      Management of the RAID device requires running RAID Web Console 2 from another system and connecting to the ESXi 5.0 server over IP.

      I have installed RWC2 on my Windows Vista system, I've shut down the firewalls on both systems.

      I get "Servers could not be found...".


      So the RAID device is recognized.  I can manage it in a rudicmentary way from the BIOS, but that's rather primitive.

      Has anyone succeeded in managing an ESXi 5.0 server from RWC2, or the LSI equivalent, MegaRAID Storage Manager?

      Do the "vib" files that I installed on the server include the server-side software for RWC2?

      Are there "vib" files from Intel that I should use instead of those from LSI?

      Where can I find good documentation that includes explict steps for ESXi 5.0? 

      Any advice for troubleshooting this problem?




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          I have the same problem.

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            Qapla’, sort of.

            The GUI is still failing but I have found an acceptable workaround with the CLI.

            The GUI products from LSI and Intel, "MSM" and "RWC2", cannot find the host system. The documentation from LSI and Intel is vague regarding GUI support for ESXi 5.0.


            LSI provides a command line interface called MegaCli.  I downloaded  MegaCLI 8.03.16 (which lists  ESXi 5.0 as a supported OS) and copied MegaCli to my VMware host system.  On the host, $PATH is /bin:/sbin, and when MegaCli is copied (no vib install required) to either of these directories, it works.  For example


            # MegaCli -adpCount

            Controller Count: 1.

            Exit Code: 0x01


            I have not yet found the User Guide for MegaCli on the LSI website, but I expect LSI support will respond to my help request. Hopefully, a future release of the GUI will work too.So, I have a working remote management solution for the LSI/Intel RAID card for ESXi 5.0.
            Note:  two LSI "vib" files that I indentified earlier,  vmware-esx-provider-LSIProvider.vib and
            scsi-megaraid-sas-5.34-1vmw.500.0.0.406165.x86_64.vib, are required.


            The LSI web site clearly identifies VMware ESXi as an operating system for downloads. But I cannot find a User Guide for the CLI.


            There is no VMware choice on Intel's OS list, even though VMware is listed elsewhere as a supported OS.  The current Linux CLI on Intel's site is version 5.00.14 from 2010.  I cannot find a User Guide here, either.




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              This is an excellent cheatsheet for the megacli utility:



              Save it, print it, memorize it, whatever.

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                The clean solution is here (SLP protocol (the root cause of the problem) multicast to unicast proxy):

                http://alex-at.ru/it/lsi-vmware-esxi-1 (use Google Translate if you don't understand Russian)

                Tool download link: http://alex-at.ru/media/blogs/alex/Code/slp_helper.zip


                Short instructions:

                1. I assume you have ESXi, MSM/RWC, LSI driver under ESXi and LSI CIM/SMIS providers for ESXi all installed and ready to go.

                2. Unzip tool mentioned above (it contains PHP 5.4 runtime, therefore so large, ~3Mb ZIP)

                3. Edit slp_helper.php file with text editor, look for "$unicast_ips = array('');". Place IP of your ESXi servers to manage here (in single quotes, comma-separated if many).

                4. Run runme.cmd. Tool will start and must display no errors (only the startup information). After that it'll begin logging SLP requests to screen. It's enough to have one copy of tool in LAN, it will proxy all multicast SLP requests to ESXi servers specified.
                5. Run MSM/RWC2. Discover hosts.

                6. Enjoy.

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                  This did not work for me, I am still unable to log on to the web console.. :-(

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                    I know this is thread is dead however for everyone still looking for help with this, Alex is correct.

                    once the two VIM's have been installed. download the link Alex provided. Don't change anything.

                    Extract the files and run the runme.cmd as an Administrator.

                    Leave it running while you use the RWC2 application.


                    You can also extract all the files into where RWC2 is installed then modify the StartupUI.bat file to include the script from runme.cmd.

                    That way you can just start the RWC2 and everything will work.