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    Running games like Minecraft and watching bluray


      Hello.  I am not a very tech savy person as far as knowing specs and all about computers.  I just purcased a lenovo laptop (using it rite now) and had a question about the graphics and how to make them better.  I play minecraft.  I used to have a rather lowend HP lap top that ran a low end game like minecraft just fine.  This Lenovo can handle it ok (lags a bit) on the lowes settings and wont run at all when the graphics are turned up.  I tried using an HD graphics pack that took it up to 256 * 256.  It ran fine with that on the hp laptop but I can't even navigate the menues when that texture pack is selected on my lenovo.  My graphics chip is a Intel® Processor Graphics 3000 and my Hp had a ATI although I don't remember the specific one off the sticker.  I was reading about the graphics chip I have now and Intel says it is capable of handling mainstream gamming.  If that is the case why is minecraft so difficult for it to run?  I already updated the driver and that did cut down on the lag when the texture pack is off and the visuals are not set all the way up.  So that is a step in the rite direction.  Other than that, I was looking at getting an external bluray drive but a friend told me to check and see if my graphics chip supports it and so I am asking if it does.  Thanks for the help and advice in advance.

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          In the time since I posted this question I just tried to play call of duty black ops and it was horrible.  It loads but lags ever so mutch.  On my old hp it didn't run great but it ran.  On this lenovo it doesn't work at all.  Trying to move forward I just jump 20 feet instead of smooth fluid motion.  Please help.  This is not how I thought this computer would perform based on what I was told.  Please help.  Thank you.