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    Intel@ 82579V Ethernet Card software for Ubuntu


      Dear all,


      Can you help us, i have new intel DH67CF board, and i was install ubuntu OS on it but onboard network adapter is not supported. also search the same on intel officeial site & google there is on any software.


      Can anyone help me how to install and configure network adapter on my ubuntu 10.04 OS.



      Jitender Rana

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          By now you've probably had your Intel NIC/motherboard/ubuntu problem solved.

          I'm facing something similar with a DP67GB motherboard (on-board Intel 82579v network interface) with Ubuntu 11.1

          I get ethernet connectivity, but at a lower speed (10)....

          I'm sure its a matter of drivers, and/or settings on ubuntu.

          Was wondering if you got a response to your request, and if you could share those contacts, or responses with me, so I can continue searching for an answer.

          I really appreciate your help.


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            I figured out my problem. A little outdated switch/hub I had connecting my desktop to my home network did not quite understand the Intel NIC autonegotiate function. After leaving the problem unsolved for a while, I started playing with ethtool and changing speed and duplex.... ethtool could not report certain changed values, and I was about to get a new switch (the old one was only 100 speed capable anyway). So I thought I'd connect the desktop directly to my 1G speed router. And that solved the problem. My Intel NIC is happily talking at 1G speed now, full duplex. So getting a new switch is not as pressing an issue anymore, and I can transfer files at a decent speed. So, don't be so quick to judge your computer hardware, before checking your network hardware first.