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    mobos & Core i7 hyper-threading


      I am in the process of selecting a mobo & CPU. At this point I am probably going to get the Core i7-2600(K) (they’re the about same price right now) and I am evaluating the following Intel micro-ATX LGA 1155 mobos:


         H67BLB3, H67GDB3, P67DEB3, Q67OWB3, Q67SWB3.


      I have used the compare feature on Newegg (link, this might drop a couple mobos) for these mobos and Intel’s compare feature (link) for their micro-ATX LGA 1155 mobos. These comparisons have raised a few questions that I hope you can help me with.


      The Newegg comparison shows that only the Q67OWB3 has Hyper-Threading Technology listed for the “Supported CPU Technologies” with all the others showing nothing there. Before seeing this I assumed that all i7-2600(K) mobos support hyper-threading, but the Newegg comparison and reading that the hyper-threading can be enabled/disabled in some/all BIOS makes me wonder if the hyper-threading is supported on any mobo. Intel’s comparison does not show anything about hyper-threading. I have not read anything else that indicates otherwise, so I’m guessing that the i7-2600/K hyper-threading is supported by all LGA 1155 mobos, but I want to confirm this before I make my purchase because I might get the Core i5-2500(K) if the Core i7 2600(K) hyper-threading is not supported by all these mobos.


      Question #1

      Is the Core i7-2600(K) hyper-threading supported by all LGA1155 mobos?


      Intel’s Matrix Storage Technology is available on 2 of those Intel mobos. I don’t use multiple drives / RAID, but Intel states that single drive performance can be improved with this technology: “Intel Matrix Storage Technology provides benefits to users of a single drive as well. Storage performance is improved through Native Command Queuing (NCQ), harnessing the quad DMA controllers in the hardware, and optimized hardware & software tuning.”


      Question #2

      Is this single drive performance improvement significant and does it work with all hard drives?


      Question #3

      I am also considering the ASUS P8Z68-V Pro mobo (it’s the right size and has the other required features). Does anyone have any experience with this mobo?


      Question #4

      I will be getting 4 4-gig RAM sticks for my mobo and would like to get some specific recommendations that have worked with these mobos. I understand that some low profile RAM is not supported by some/all of these mobos.


      Thanks in advance for your help

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          1. All Intel(R) Desktop Boards support hyper-threading. It's actually a processor feature and really doesn;t have much to do with the motherboard architecture(other than BIOS configuration - but HT is equally supported across our board line)

          2. Whether you garner any significant performance gains from the use of Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology is dependent upon your usage model and hardware configuration (read: complicated question to answer)...

          3. I can't comment; I haven't used any ASUS boards for any significant period.

          4. In the support pages for each of our boards, there is a link that will take you to a page that lists the tested memory configurations.