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    DZ68DB BIOS General Optimizations disables F2 BIOS entry




      I have a DZ68DB motherboard.  It's working well with no issues with the latest 0032 BIOS but was wondering if the General Optimizations under HyperBoot in the BIOS Boot tab has a bug or a feature:


      If General Optimizations are enabled (and they appear harmless enough in their description), it is no longer possible to enter the BIOS by hitting the F2 key during boot up.  The splash screen says to, but hitting F2 only leads to the Windows Boot Manager.  I ended up moving the jumper to Configuration, disabling General Optimizations, and only then could I read that holding down the power button gets you into the BIOS with General Optimizations.


      It seems to me that the General Optimizations description should note that hitting F2 will no longer get you into the BIOS, and the only way in is to hold down the power button until the system beeps 3(?) times.  Changing the splash screen would also be helpful.

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          I have a DZ68BC. This board has also a 'fast boot' option with 3 sub options. One of these suboptions is to perform no USB initialization. When I disable this option I get the same behaviour: USB keyboard doesn't work until the OS takes over.


          The help text describes that this is the case and also that this option is disabled when a boot password is active, would be difficult to enter a password without a keyboard :-) The help text in the DZ68BC bios does state that the only way to get back into the bios is to power off and the hold the power button until the beep (which works).


          Displaying not the 'press F2' on the boot screen would indeed be an improvement (but there is also a separate setting for that).


          As entering the bios is not a daily activity, this feature has some benefits.

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            I'll consider this to be a feature and not a bug.  I've now enabled all the optimizations and now there is no mention of hitting any keys to do anything at startup.  If I need to enter the BIOS, I hold the power button down until there's a beep or 3.  Bootup is really fast this way.

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              That's one way of looking at it, but I'd rather have the option to hit F2 without going through the power-off dance, even if the BIOS splash screen isn't shown at all with certain optimizations enabled. So I haven't enabled any of the three optimizations, but I did find one that slashes the amount of time spent on the BIOS splash screen, and that's good enough for me: disable the Marvel SATA controller. You're probably not using it anyway. If you are using it, you probably shouldn't be.