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    Question: LGA 2011, 1155 - IB or SB-E?




      Recently I have been considering to upgrade my system which currently is i7 920 and LGA 1336. I have been checking out planned releases I have some questions regarding your/Intel's chipset and cpu releases.


      When Ivy Bridge is planned released in Q1 2012 it is only planned to be released for socket LGA 1155. The massive improvement Ivy Bridge will offer regarding heat, overclocking capability and performance due to the 22nm production technique, will therefore not be available for the new LGA 2011 socket. The enthusiast CPU segment Sandy Bridge-E, which recently has been released, will most likely not be able to compete in core per core performance - especially while overclocked.


      My question is as following - why are you/Intel going to release their best CPU's for an one year old motherboard socket (LGA 1155), when LGA 2011 offers plenty more features (especially DDR4 in mind), instead of releasing both LGA 2011 Ivy Bridge enthusiast models and LGA 1155 Ivy Bridge for the cheaper segment?


      Is the sole purpose of this to milk money from the Sandy Bridge-E(which honestly is based on way older technology than IB), before releasing Ivy Bridge for the enthusiast market? Are you expecting everyone to upgrade their six-core sandy-bridges to new Ivy Bridges for LGA 2011 in Q4-2012(?)?


      I am unable to understand why you want the enthusiast market to be stuck with the "old" 32 nm technology, when you could be releasing Ivy Bridge without the GPU and with 4 and 6 cores for the LGA 2011. The enthusiasts are interested in keeping track of the newest technology and releases, but that is made almost impossible due to the long 22nm delay for LGA 2011. The lower-end (LGA 1155) market will have newer CPU-technology in their computers about one year before the enthusiast-promoted models will be able to get their hands on the 22nm CPU's.


      I am really frustrated and now I am very sad that AMD "resigned", because it should not be possible to make the enthusiasts lives this hard - performance and functionality wise.