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    DP67BG Overclock settings help




      I'm new to all means overclocking.  I have just recently purchased a new system which the store said they have overclocked the i7 2600k to about 4.6Ghz


      The screenshot in the link below is what I can see in the tuning utility. Are the blue settings the currently active ones?  I've read the other posts about dodgy BIOS updates that have greyed some options out.


      With these settings playing Battleforce 3 I was getting pop up's saying that the temp has reached critical temp of 89 degrees Celcius.  Also get an error about the memory voltage being outside of specs.  Are my settings ok?


      As I said above, I'm totally new to all of this and not really sure what settings are ok and if the below ones are correct.





      Thanks for any assistance.

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          There is a pdf document called "Performance Tuning Guide" for the DP67BG. It can be downloaded from:

          http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-031689.htm It is a good start.



          Blue means that the values are changed (during a tuning session). The column 'active' indicates the current settings used by the system.


          The art of overclocking means to find the right balance between performance and stability. Increased voltage is often needed to ensure stability when increasing the clock cycles. But a higher voltage means more heat, which needs to be removed by your fans (more noise).


          Your memory voltage is higher then normal (1.5V) but it could be needed to get your memory running stable at 1600.00 Mhz. You can check if your memory has XMP profiles. An XMP profile is a collection of settings to get more performance out of your memory created by the memory vendor. My memory has a XMP profile for 1600 Mhz with a voltage of 1.5V.

          If your memory doesn't come with a XMP profile it is always possible to lower the voltage to 1.5V and run a stress test to see if your memory is stable.


          IMHO the store delivered what they told: an overclocked i7 of 4.6 GHz but there may be some room to bring down the CPU turbo voltage (200mv) and turbo boost power max (300 W). My DZ68BC BIOS has an auto-overclock option to get to 4.5 GHz (no effort required) and puts the Additional Turbo Voltage to 140mVm, the TB Power Max to 230 W and TB Short Power Max to 240 W.

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            Thanks for the info and links.  I'll be having a good read this weekend.  Overclocking is certainly an artform with a lot of effort and thinking required!