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    DP67BG BOOTMGR corrupt


      This is a new computer.


      When it was built originally, it booted right up and worked just fine for several months.  This past week, the computer BSOD and then told the user that the BOOTMGR is corrupt and the system will not boot,


      When repair began on the computer it was discovered that the system will will not boot to the DVD drive.  The drive was swapped out and the problem happened again.  The hard drive was unplugged, the DVD drive was left plugged in and the system continues to report that the BOOTMGR is corrupt.  The motherboard was replaced with another DP67BG and everything put back together.  Same message.


      Everything on the internet says that BOOTMGR is caused by problems on the hard drive and that you need to boot to your Win7 DVD and repair it.  This is not possible since I can't boot to the DVD drive.  I have changed the BIOS settings away from from AHCI which allows me to attempt to boot to the DVD drive but it hangs and does not load.  When the BIOS is left at AHCI, the DVD drive is not touched and the system does not give me the chance to "Press any key to boot from the DVD drive..."  The system is not overclocked and no error codes show up on the BIOS status display on the board.


      Here are the specs

      CPU:  Intel Core i7-2600 3.4GHz

      RAM:  two 4GB sticks of Kingston KVR1333D3N9

      HD:  Seagate 500GB

      Video:  nVidia 8400GS

      Power:  Antec 500W EA-500D Green

      OS:  Windows 7 Professional


      Any help would be great.