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    Intel DZ68BC motherboard reboots itself


      My new Intel DZ68BC motherboard reboots itself when trying to enter Sleep Mode

      from time to time, and also randomally once a few hours in a standard use.
      This happens without any warning or Blue Screes.
      I don't use any discrete video card.

      Changing "Chipset SATA Mode" to AHCI and vise versa, won't help.
      I've upgrading to the latest motherboard BIOS (027), but it won't help as well.
      I've tested my Corsair Force SATAII 60GB SSD disc with a thierd company
      software, and it says it's working without any problem.
      My other hardware is:
      i5 2500K CPU
      G.Skill 133.Mhz 2x4GB CL 7
      Corsair 60GB FOrce SATAII SSD
      What can cause this reboots issues please?

      Some other small issues you may want to notice in that motherboard:

      When enabeling "Video Optimization" on "Configuration Menu",
      there isn't any post text instead of the Intel logo does not shown any more at startup.
      Startup just shows a blinking cursor, and then OS is starting.

      Also, when enabeling this feature, the F2 doesn't work while it should by BIOS settings,
      so I can't go insdie BIOS any more, but just by pressing motherboard "Back To BIOS" back botton.

      Also, CPU fan RPM is very low as deault- 312 RPM, while CPU temparture
      is somehow high- 52 celsius uppon BIOS, but "Intel Desktop Utilities" program,
      says temperature is just 30 celsius. I'm confused. What is right?
      Also, when my CPU get wormer in strengh using, the fan speead does not
      changes at all and stays st 312 RPM. It's not logical it won't increaase its speed.

      Other motherboard I had, had a minimum of 550 RPM for CPU, and fan RMP was
      dynamic uppon temparture. How to I change my CPU fan minimun RPM to 550
      for example and to be changes by temperature?



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          About the reboots: which OS, video card are you using?


          It seems that Intel has programmed the fan controller algorithm in the BIOS with a focus to operate silently instead of keeping temperatures low. I have about the same CPU fan RPM on my DZ68BC board. My CPU fan will however increase when the CPU becomes busy.


          You can use the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) v2.1 to perform a stress test if you want to confirm that your fan work ok. This utility will show temperature \ load \ RPM in a nice real-time diagram.


          If you search this forum, will will discover that the explanation for a high CPU temperature in the BIOS is the fact that the BIOS doesn't leverage the sleep states of your i5 2500K CPU, something Windows will do.


          It is possible to increase the minimum fan duty cycle in the BIOS if you want a higher minimum RPM (an idle temperature of 30 celcius for the CPU seems fine to me, but that is personal.)

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            Thank you very much.


            I'm using Windows 7 64bit and Intel On Board graphic card.



            The fact that PC won't reboot itself in a strengh test, makes me feel this is not a heating issue.


            Anyway, I've managed to set my fans speeds to work ok without much noise.


            But I've found attached info on Windows Event Viewer application, which may say somthing (that I can't understand).


            Thank you for any aditional advise.








            [ Name]Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
            [ Guid]{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}
            [ SystemTime]2011-12-27T17:20:54.214404800Z
            [ ProcessID]4
            [ ThreadID]8
            [ UserID]S-1-5-18


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              Btw, I've noticed Intel CPU speed controller is behaving very strange in stress test.


              I'm set my CPU RPM to minumum 30% (of maxkimum fan speed?), and it's changing speed now.


              But when performing a CPU test, my CPU temparture is increasing from 34 to 50 celsius,

              and fan RPM jumps to 2200 (noisy). After a few seconds, my CPU temparture is decreasing

              to arrung 33 celsius, and my CPU fan speed drops to 1700 RPM (basically quiet).


              Though I've set my BIOS to increase speed and to respond slowly to temparture changes,

              Intel fan controller is very jumpty. This is a strange behavier comparing other motherboards I've tested.


              This speed controller is working like a roller cost, and not sensetive enough to understand
              the 45 is close enough to 50, and to start dcrease temparture much earlier and in much smaller jumps.