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    Intel HD Graphics Help




      I have HD Graphics and I assume they are the basic HD Graphics and not the 2000/3000 that are slightly better performance. I've done all checks and can't find a number to go with them. We purchased the PC back in June this year (2011) so I was hopefully it might have been a little better.


      Anyway, is there anyway to update the basic HD driver if that is what I have. I'd like to buy a game for the PC and while I know that the integrated graphics aren't great, they also aren't as bad as everyone makes out but if it's possible to make them as higher performance as possible, that'd be great!


      My desktop isn't great, weak PSU and other problems are preventing me from buying a better graphics card means I'm hoping to stick with this one.


      We'd like to pick up Star Wars: The Old Replublic for my brother to play but we're not sure if the graphics are good enough. I've seen that some people have asked with other Intel types but not just the Intel HD and since it asks for the 4100 as a minimum, I'm doubting it'll be able to run it at all. Where I know it might be able to scrap by on low settings, anyone who plays occasionally will know that low setting aren't acceptable as it ruins the game.


      Any help will be very much appreciated and I'd like to apologise for my poor layout and speech of this post, not good with text talk.



      Other PC settings:


      Intel i3 550

      Max Graphics memory 1307mb

      3.20 GHz

      3.00 GB Ram

      Windows 7


      Thank you.