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    i7 860 socket LGA 1156 processor and new Wireless Display.


      I've never had a problem with this CPU. The only problem I have is soon after I built this system, it was pretty well discontinued. Now, if I wanted to upgrade I would have to build a new system, with a socket 1155 motherboard etc. Not too happy about that!! All of a sudden the 2nd gen i5, i7 laptops have something called Intel wireless Display. Why just laptops? Why wouldn't you make it work with Desktops too? Why wouldn't you have it work with my i7 860 quad core desktop that's only 1 year old??

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          Features and technologies may be different between the processors models and families. The Intel(R) Wireless Display Technology is available only on mobile processors. Also, WiDi certified laptops require different specifications to support this Technology.


          For accurate information about technologies, specifications, features and other details of the Intel® processors you can access: http://ark.intel.com/


          If you need to upgrade the Processor, we would strongly recommend to contact the motherboard manufacturer for accurate compatibility information.