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    I7 920 vs I5 2320




      I have been having computer issues (shutting down spontaneously, blue-screened) for several months now. My machine has been shipped to HP twice for repair and we are to the point of a replacement system.


      My computer has the I7-920 processor and what HP is offering is a machine with the I5-2320. Which is the better processor?


      Help please! Unsure whether or not to take this offer. The entire machine seems to be a few steps down from what I currently own.


      Thank you!

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          The blue screen is due to hardware problems, or any software (could be drives) that is stopping a hardware form functioning properly.

          Try giving ur PC to some another technician or pc geek and ask him to find/fix the problem.


          If HP is really offering you a I5, so they get to keep your i7 and do the adjustment themselves fix and keep your i7 and you end up with a i5.


          If it is software problem, try formatting your pc and make sure you install the correct driver files this time.

          i.e compatible with the OS and make sure it is updated.

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            Thanks Adil.


            The clock speed is slightly faster on the I5 but not as good anywhere else it would seem.