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    2nd Generation Processors 3930K vs 2700K




      I cant decide what is the best buy, keeping in mind the huge price difference between the two processors, where the 3930K is priced twice as more than the 2700K. Not to mention the additional expense for another LGA2011 motherboard, quad channel memory, and an aftermarket cooler.


      The graphics specification + thermal monitoring technologies, fast memory access, flex memory access for the 3930K is completely absent.

      Even the clock speed and the max turbo frequency for the 3930K is less than that of 2700K.


      The only way 3930K is better is by a 4MB additional cache due to the 2 extra cores and +27 in the bus/core ratio, quite sure that is balanced by the other missing features and the half the price. Is 2700K beating its newer version 3930K with a huge margin?


      My question is what is better and why?



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