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    turbo boost not working fully i7 2700k


      Cany anyone here help me troubleshoot this problem of mine? i have an i7 2700k that is 3.5 ghz stock and 3.9ghz turbo boost but when running stress tests and trying 3 different programs the best i get is 3.6ghz clock speeds with the occasional spike to 3.7



      why is this i tried resseting the bios to default and even tried OC'ing it to no avial i cant break 3.7ghz



      intel dp67bg motherboard

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          Different technologies as the Intel® Turbo Boost Technology and others allow the Processor to automatically increase or decrease the clock speed and the power consumption when it recognizes that the system is demanding additional performance. Therefore, it is normal if the Processor works under the Maximum Turbo Frequency (3.9 GHz).