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    Intel SS4200-E system appears normal, but disks degraded?


      Since around a half year, my SS4200-E tells me my disks are degraded. It operates at a RAID5 config with 4 1TB disks.

      Because of this i backed up all my info and started checking what's wrong with the system.

      First i went to the Dashboard, where it states that the system is operating normally. When i click on that link, i get into the status page where it says: Degraded. That link goes to a page where the last line says: Disks: Degraded.

      When i follow the link i get to the page where it shows my 4 disks, all healthy. There are also no leds flashing or whatoever. Only the Disks: Degraded shows there's something wrong with the system.


      Today i did a complete reset of the RAID config and even brought it to a RAID 0+1 config. Still, the same error appears.

      I found out there's a support.html page in the server where i can go to. I made a dump of the system logs and checked both harddisks and raid in that log. All appear normal. The states are "Running" and the Raid is operating as it should, with no strange system states.


      So the problem is that the system appears to run as it should. The logs tell that everything is ok, but still in the dashboard it says the disks are degraded.

      What is wrong with my system?