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    Overheating of i5-2500k


      Hi, my first post.My i5-2500k is showing a cpu temp of 72.25c, this unit is a media PC built on a ASUS P8Z68-V LE MB with 8Gb of ram standard CPU cooler and 4 case fans, Antec 650 power supply. It runs 24 7 but is mainly use for TV recording and downloading and browsing. It has been running for 6 months without a problem. The Bios has not been upgraded. Running win 7 64bit. The unit is running normally i.e. not overclocked.


      Any ideas please

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          The Intel® Core i5-2500k Desktop Processor has a Temperature threshold of 72.6°C and any number in that frame is considerably normal, but if you would like to, try to check the processor’s fan speed on the BIOS and set it up to a more aggressive speed to reduce some °C degrees, also make sure the cables are affecting the correct airflow on the case.

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