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    DP55KG- New build problem


      I just recently finished a new build with a board I had gotten quite a while ago. When I finished and booted for the first time I got the two beep code for a video card error during post code 5A then it goes to post code E9. I've tested the graphics card and it works fine in another system. I tried individual sticks of memory in different combinations and still no go. I also tried using the x8 port as well and get the same thing. What do I do next? Could it just be a bad board?

      Any help would be appreciated.



      board: DP55KG

      cpu: i7-875k

      mem:G.skill sniper series ddr3 1600(2x4gb)

      video card: evga gtx 550 Ti

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          Is this a graphics card that has a socket to receive power from the PSU and if so, is that connetor receiving power this way? On such graphics cards, it's not optional whether you use this connector - if it's there it must be plugged in and receive power that way (even though it may work in some boards without doing this).


          Do you have another (different) graphics card that you can try with this board just for testing purposes?


          Do you think the board already has at least BIOS revision 4905 installed on it (whats required to support all versions of your processor model number - this may be especially relevant if the board was sitting around for a long time but the CPU is comparitively much newer)?