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    SSD "failure imminent" reported in PC-Doctor?




      I have a faily new (5 months) 320 series drive which I am using in a Lenovo Thinkpad. That system also has the Lenovo Thinkvantage Toolbox installed which is built around the PC-Doctor software. For some time now I am seeing the TV diagnostics repoting "HD failure imminent" on the SSD.

      The specific failing tests are :

      • SMART Status Test WHD17-688,
      • Random Seek Test WHD-7-CGO
      • Funnel Seek Test WHD03-2AT


      The SSD toolbox shows the SSD drive SMART attributes all green and only "End to End Error Detection Count" of (raw) 78 (normalized) 22 seems of interest.


      Should I start to panic now? Does the drive know better of its own status than PC-Doc?



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          Got the latest SSD Toolbox installed and it now shows the drive health as WARNING and highligths the "end-to-end errors" value in red, suggesting I contact Intel support. Hm... it may be time to panic



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            Well, I made another (incremental) backup of my SSD drive and then tried to take an image of it to another (SATA) drive using Acronis. It did not go very well at all. It reported sector read errors and aborted. I think Acronis reads the drive by sector while my backup has read only changed files. Anyway, now the SSD reports over 200 "end to end errors" and I am yanking it out, replacng with the ol' good SATA which I am restoring the backup to.


            This is the second time I am going to use Intel's warranty on the SSD drive in this laptop: the first time the drive erased itself (the "8MB capacity" problem). Now the read errors... Oh boy