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    can't boot dx79si


      Putting together a new system and can't get it to get to the bios setup or output any video


      intel dx79si motherboaed

      intel 3930k cpu

      intel bxrts2011lc cooler

      g.skill ripjaws z 4x8gb ram


      I now realize that I might not be able to use the 8gb ram sticks, but I'm not sure that's the issue. Even with no ram, I get the same behavior, which is that as soon as it powers up, both the "vr hot" and "cpu hot" LED's immediately turn red, fan spins, but no other activity. I've verified that everything is intalled correctly.. the "back to bios" isn't pressed in (and if I do press it the associated LED on the motherboard doesn't illuminate). No other LED's light up except for the "standby power" LED.


      Appears to be a dud? Any thing I'm overlooking?