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    Need SATA disk drive recommendations for a SOHO RAID (DH57DD)




      I have a DH57DD desktop board. I intend to use it's RAID capabilities to run 3 SATA drives as a RAID array.


      I'm looking for recommendations on good, performant hard drives from you all. I'm also looking for your general advise on whether it is necessary to get an external RAID controller and why.





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          As a general corporate policy we don't provide hardware recommendations on our products or third party. Please contact the different vendors to obtain further information on the different hard drive brands and specifications.

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            Oh go on Dan - you know you want to suggest buying lots of Intel branded SSDs for this RAID setup


            Seriously though, for anyone wanting storage related review information there are independent storage review sites out there dedicated to this sort of thing (try searching for those terms). These are sites where they test drives to ascertain their performance and value. The one thing I will say is be careful choosing when it comes to manufacturers that offer a premium priced model for RAID use which is based around a very similar model not designed for RAID use. When I bought my 4 identical HDDs for my RAID 0+1 setup, I had the option of going for a slightly differently numbered RAID model. The price was considerably more than my non-RAID intended models but over 1 and a half years later, these drives are still going fine and I've saved enough money to pay for a big chunk of my next PC in a few more years. I read the reviews discussing these sorts of things and made my decision accordingly.