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    Increase capacity of Raid 1 array with Intel SRCZCR hardware Raid controller ?


      We have a Windows SBS 2003 Server built with Intel SE7501HG2 Server Board, SC5200 Hot Swap Chassis, SRCZCR Raid Controller Card and 2 x 70 Gb SCSI HDDs arranged in Raid 1 configuration.

      As we will run out of storage capacity soon we decided to replace the HDDs with 2 x 300 Gb SCSI HDDs.

      We replaced the HDDs one at a time and rebuilt the Raid 1 array with the Intel StoreCon+ Raid software, however, the Windows operating system still sees 70 Gb of disc space i.e. it does not see the unallocated space (230 Gb).

      We tried a third party tool (Easeus Partition Master 7.1.1 Server Edition), however, this does not see the unallocated space to repartition.

      We also tried booting up with one of the 300 Gb HDDs installed (with the Raid controller reporting an error) but the operating system and partitioning tool still see only 70 Gb of disc space.

      We are unable to find any examples of this procedure in the Intel documents for the Raid Controller and associated software.

      Is there a straightforward and reliable way to migrate our Raid 1 array from 70 Gb to the 300 Gb SCSI HDDs without rebuilding / reinstalling from scratch ?