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    I need help with multiple monitor functions.


      I have a Gateway laptop with Intel duo core, about 3 years old. Its a great computer has a 965 chipset graphics card. Here's the prob:

      In the three years that I've had it, I've used multiple monitors for presentations. Suddenly, at the beginning of this month that option under "graphics properties" doesn't even exist. It USED TO be there. So apparently my computer did an auto upgrade that wasn't.

      So how can I get my old driver or old functionality back?


      Yes, I downloaded and installed the graphics driver.

      Yes, I rebooted.

      No, I didn't change any settings.


      I love upgrades that are worse than the "obsolete" files. Help!

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          All drivers available from Microsoft* online upgrade services and the ones posted on our site. are generic versions of drivers.


          Each Original Equipment Manufacturer, can add, remove or change the features on their systems, so they provide customized drivers to support the changes that they have done. Therefore you should always use the drivers provided directly by your computer or motherboard manufacturer.


          By now try using the instructions available on this site and see if you can enable a Multi-monitor configuration with that information:




          Furthermore, let us know what type of cables are being used to connect the external displays and inform if you are using any type of adapter or converter.