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    82579V + 16.8 drivers = strange behavior ?




      I have been using my ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe/GEN3 mobo for some time with Intel's 16.7 drivers. I noticed that 16.8 drivers were released, installed them and problems began:

      - upon each reboot NIC is randomly detected either as 82579V (properly) or as 82579LM (not properly)

      - if NIC is detected as LM version then on next reboot Intel PXE BIOS appears on the screen during mobo initialization while corresponding option (Intel NIC BIOS) is NOT enabled in UEFI BIOS settings

      - sometimes after reboot NIC cannot detect that link is up - I had to replug the Ethernet cable to detect connection


      I reverted back to 16.7 drivers and everything is OK again.

      Has anybody noticed similar behavior with similar setup ?


      Best regards,


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          I've exactly the same problem with my ASUS MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z.

          This bug appears a least 1 boot/5.

          But when i reboot, 82579V came back ....

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            Come on Intel guys, tell us what's wrong with 16.8 drivers on 82573V. Is this a known bug ? How to make it fixed in future proset releases ?

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              I have the same problem with the same NIC on the Asus Sabertooth P67. I just made a post about it. You can view it here: http://communities.intel.com/thread/27226?tstart=0


              I'm hoping Intel fixes it in the next version of the drivers because I like having the latest installed on my PC.

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                Hi everyone,
                Thank you for posting this information. I just got back from vacation, and I will look into what might be going on.


                Here is a link for software version 16.7 for anyone who needs to install an earlier software version:


                Do you have an 82573V or 82579V? Does version 16.7 work, but version 16.8 not work? The Ethernet controllers used for the 82573V and 82579V are different, so the cause might be different. If you have an 82573V, you might want to start a separate discussion to help prevent any mix ups.


                Mark H

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                  Sorry, I made an obvious mistake in one of my posts in the thread. Of course, as mentioned in the beginning, I have 82579V and it is sometimes improperly detected as 82579LM by 16.8 drivers. With 16.7 everything is fine.

                  I had 82573V in my previous mobo (ASUS Crosshair V Formula), that probably subconsciously caused my mistake.


                  Other mobos mentioned in this thread have 82579V on board as well.

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                    Thanks for the clarification.


                    Mark H

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                      I found out that this is a known issue, and a fix has already been developed. The fix will undergo full validation testing and will be included in a driver refresh planned for late Q1.


                      To be clear, the bug fix I am referring to is for a reporting issue where the Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection is intermittently identified in Windows as the Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection. This is mainly an issue with reporting the device name to Windows, but for some of you, like the report from klosz007, you might experience some additional issues such as the PXE boot menu appearing. I am not sure why this reporting issue might cause you to have to unplug the cable and plug it back in. However, once you are connected, the reporting bug will not affect your connectivity.


                      If you have the Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection, you will not be affected by this bug. If you have the Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection, you might be affected. If version 16.8 software is working good for you such that the worst that happens is getting the wrong device reported, then I recommend you continue to use version 16.8.


                      If version 16.7 worked for you, and you want to go back to 16.7, then uninstall version 16.8 and install version 16.7.


                      Here is a link for software version 16.7 for anyone who wants to go back to that version:

                      http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20742. The description says the download is for Windows 7, but you can use this download for Windows XP or Windows Vista too.


                      If you are currently using older software without any issues, then wait for the driver refresh before upgrading.


                      Thank you everyone for posting here. I hope the above information will be useful.


                      Mark H

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                        In my case, I don't get the PXE boot menu appearing but I have it disabled in the BIOS. Version 16.7 of the drivers works fine in my case. I not only get the wrong NIC reported (82579LM) with 16.8 but also the internet doesn't work after I restart the PC after the driver installation. Basically, 16.8 doesn't work, 16.7 works, and I will wait for the fix with the new driver when it's released.


                        Thanks for the quick response!

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                          Thanks for the information. Good to know that it is a known bug and will be fixed.


                          The reason why NIC detected as LM does not work might be that such "phantom" LM NIC is treated (in terms of what Windows sees) as a completely new network connection. And while I need specific settings (such as gateway) for the network connection to work, it deos not work with new ("LM") connection's Windows default settings.

                          Anyway I returned to 16.7 and will wait for next driver release.

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                            We updated the driver for the 82579 network connections with a fix for the bug where the 82579V is sometimes detected in Windows as an 82579LM.


                            The new software package is version 16.8.1 and only updates the driver for the 82579. All the other components are the same. So if you do not have an 82579 and you have installed 16.8, then there is no reason to update again.


                            If you do have an 82579, you cannot update directly from version 16.8 to version 16.8.1. In this case, you must uninstall 16.8 before installing 16.8.1. (If you have version 16.7 or earlier, then you can upgrade as usual.)


                            You can download the new software package from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=18713. The title says Windows 7, but you can use this package for Windows VIsta or Windows XP too. The drivers for all 3 versions (and server versions too) are inside the download packages.


                            Let me know if you are still having any issues with the latest driver version.


                            Mark H

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                              Thanks for update Mark. At the moment my PC is inoperable. Once I am able to test the new release I will let you know.

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                                I am pleased to confirm that 16.8.1 drivers work fine with 82579V.

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                                  Hi. I also have P67 SaberTooth and the problem is thill there with 17.1 drivers.

                                  Infact i had to manually modify the driver .inf file (not advisable) to fix this issue and keep 82579V as the only one. Granted, this breaks the security verification and windows will complain that the drivers are unsigned when you try to install them.

                                  Below is the modified version where all references to 82579LM and it's hardware ID-s have been removed (use at your own risk!):



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                                    I bought a new Lenovo PC last year. It came with Windows 7 and the Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection Adapter. I had no connections issues until I upgraded to Windows 8. Now the PC boots up without a connection almost every time. I downloaded and installed the latest driver 82579V. However, each time I boot my PC, Windows uses the old version 82579LM and I still get the disconnected network. I can (and have) uninstalled 82579LM and installed 82579V using the Device Manager but that does not solve the problem because at boot time it founds 82579LM and installs it again. How do I permanently uninstall the 82579LM driver and install 82579V? Until I do that I won't know if my connection issue is solved with 82579V.   Thanks for any help. 

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