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    USB 3.0 Support for Board DG31GL


      Hello Intel Support,


      I am using DG31GL Intel MotherBoard. I am trying to connect a iomega 500 GB (with USB 3.0) on Windows XP SP3.


      When ever i connect this external hard disk, my OS freezes and i am not able to perform any other operations. I need to restart it again.

      The external disk is a brand new one, and is working fine with other systems.


      I am not sure whether the board i am using supports USB 3.0, however, the disk should be atleast opened with USB 2.0. But its not opening

      How can i make this disk work with the board i have.........?

      Please let me know.......?



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          Intel considers this a mature product therefore the support we offer is only through our web site where you can find product information, troubleshooting, BIOS updates (latest and old ones) and drivers:





          As a general recommendation make sure you are using the latest drivers and BIOS update from our website since the hard drive should open fine disregarding the USB version, it could also be a compatibility issue with the Iomega* 500 GB. Contact the manufacturer for further compatibility information.

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            You've come to the right place to post about this problem rac1719


            We are not 'Intel support' (otherwise please pay me Intel) but we are a community of interested volunteers (some of the Intel staff chip in from time to time in an unofficial capacity).


            The last time I saw freezing on connecting a USB drive under Win XP reported here (quite recently in fact), it turned out to be Antivirus software related. You're not using Eset NOD32 are you? If so, there's a newer version of that software available for Win XP which fixes the issue. You could also test it with the AV software temporarily disabled or uninstall it and reinstall after the test. Is there anything on the external drive - is it even partitioned & formatted (if so, how). Of course plugging in such a drive should be backwards compatible with the boards built in USB 2.0 ports (or have you installed a USB 3.0 card and you're having the problem only with these USB 3.0 ports - in which case test it with the USB 2.0 ports to try and weed out the culprit).


            I hope that's clear and let us know how you get on!