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    Intel DH55HC Boot Issue


      I just purchased the Intel DH55HC motherboard and a Core i3 cpu.  I put the motherboard, 8 Gb of Corsair (2 4Gb Sticks of DDR3) in place and attempted to boot using the onboard video (DVI to monitor).  I got a 1 very short beep and nothing else.  CPU fan is spinning, motherboard has green light, fans are spinning.. but nothing on screen.  About every 10 seconds or so, the 1 very short beep sounds again.  If I take the memory out, I get the typical 3 beeps that indicates memory problems.  Any ideas?  Many thanks,

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          Is the memory you are using correct for the board (not all Corsair memory is compatible with Intel boards)? One short beep is all I normally get from my DG45ID when successfully booting but you should still at least get the Intel logo coming up on your monitor. I tried using the Corsair memory finder tool for your board but was unable to even find that board listed - not very reassuring


          This is what Intel have to say about System memory for DH55HC.