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    Change RAID to AHCI in Windows 7



      I have an Alienware laptop which uses the Mobile Chipset. It has two drive bays, and as delivered it was set up with the storage controller in RAID mode. I don't use the RAID features and have just upgraded the system disk to an SSD. While it's working OK I'd like to change the disk mode to AHCI to enable TRIM, as my understanding is that TRIM is disabled in RAID mode.


      Two questions:

      1. Is there any way to change the set-up of the storage controoler to AHCI mode without having to re-install Windows and all my programs? I've found a few links on the net to articles which claimed to work for XP and Vista, but on my Windows 7 machine the driver changes don't have any effect, and as soon as I change the BIOS to AHCI the machine just blue screens at start-up until I change the BIOS back to RAID.
      2. If I can't enable AHCI, and therefore TRIM, will this cause any problem in my system? Like I said, the system seems to be working fine but I'm wondering if this will stop the drive's write levelling and therefore cause it to have a short life.