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    Problem with the Intel PROset software




      My company has 4 identical fujitsu SH771 notebook with Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 running on Windows XP. We have installed all the drivers including Intel PROset in 1 of the notebooks and all working fine. Then we use this notebook to create a disk image of the whole harddisk by using Ghost. After that, we used that image to clone on other notebook. After that, we found the cloned notebook has error message " 遇到無效的引數" ("Invalid argument" by direct translation since we are using Chinese Windows XP and cannot find out the error message in english) when opening Intel PROset software, although this message does not affect either the wireless connection or creating the profile, but we found it is annoying to have this error message.


      Is there any solution to fix the mentioned problem or to disable this error message?


      P.S. We have uninstall/reinstall the whole set of Intel PROset software several times on the cloned notebook, but problem still persist.


      Sorry for my poor english.......