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    dh67cl problem


      from last 3 days my pc keyboard is stuck when i type in other words my system hang again and again dont know what is the problem , usb port or keyboard.


      my board - dh67cl

      processor - Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 -2100 CPU @ 3.10 ghz 3.10 ghz

      Ram - 4gb

      HD - 1 TB


      plz guide me to this problem thank you.


      and sorry if i select wrong category...........

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          now i updated all my drivers and buy new keyboard but still same problem my pc hang and keyboard board hang after every miute..

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            Here are our recommendations:

            -Ensure compatibility with all the system components ( memory rated at 1.5V, power supply 450W, keyboard)

            -Make sure you have the latest BIOS update

            -Ensure you are following a clean installation of the OS

            -Test the keyboard on a different connector


            Please let us know what programs you are running when this issue happens or any error messages reported.