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    i5-2500K HD 3000 Graphics Driver Issue (MB DZ68DB)




      I am building a system for a customer with the following specifications;


      Processor: i5 2500K

      Motherboard: Intel DZ68DB

      RAM: Crucial DESKTOP 4GB kit (2GBx2) DDR3 1333 MT/s (PC3-10600) CL9 Unbuffered UDIMM 240pin

      Hard Drive: BARRACUDA® GREEN SATA 3GB/S 1000GB


      I have proceeded to instal a new 64 Bit copy of Windows 7 professional onto the HD and then proceed to instal the drivers from the Intel CD, the issue I am having is that once the display drivers have been installed for the HD 3000, the system will start, pass the starting windows screen and then crash. Everything will freeze and the display will display similar to the photo below:




      I then procedded to download the latest drives from intels website for the Chipset & Graphics;


      Graphics Version:

      Chipset Version:


      BIOS has also been updated.


      Again I have the same issue.


      After this we decided the CPU was faulty, so we have already sent 1 back and have recieved a new one from our distributors. After fitting it onto the MB we still had the same issue, today we recieved a new MB and again, the same issue. So we are now on our second MB and second CPU with the same issue.


      We have ran the intel CPU test, with no errors reported and have installed the drivers for the monitors being used to test, either an Acer A221HQL or Samsung E2220 montior. We are using a standard DVI to VGA cable as well. We have tested with an addition graphics card, and have found it works flawlessly. So as we are now on our second of each we are running out of optitons?


      If anyone has any suggestions, or needs more knowledge to help i'd be very grateful, we are pulling our hair out here!


      Many thanks.


      (Will attach a video once its finished uploading to youtube)