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    Why is Option to enable disable write back cache grayed out ?


      Hello all

        I'm new here, So forgive me if this post is in the wrong place.

         I purchased a new system with a raid 10 set up using Intels RST. A ssd for Cache and 4x500 gb HDD's in raid 10 set up. The problem is that I cannot Enable Write-back cache it is set to disable and grayed out so I can't enable it. I have gone into Device manager and Enabled it there. but it shows disabled in the RST software. Each of the four drives in Volume 0 (raid 10) has Disk data cache enabled. The ssd (in raid 0) HasDisk Data cache enabled  I am running windows 7 Home Premium, With an intel i7 2600k, on a Extreme Z Board (Z68 chipset). Any help or pointing would be appreciated.