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    DQ45CB no video


      Hello guys, I need some help. I have a DQ45CB board and 2.83 Core 2 Quad processor. I have never used to onboard dvi video and have always used a video card with dvi. Recently the picture went fussy and I decided to use the onboard video until I could get another card. My bios setting for video was on auto so I took out the card and plugged my dvi cable into the onboard video. When the computer booted up there was no video. So I put back in the video card and booted the computer back up and I got video again. So I went into the bios and changed the video setting to only look for my onboard video. I took the video card back out and tried it again. This time the mother board came on but no video, also I noticed a green and red led light on the motherboard that stayed on all the time. When I tried to turn the computer off with the button it went off for about 3 sec then came back on on its own and then shutdown again. When it shuts down the green led stays on and the red led blinks twice and then stops and then blinks twice again and repeats this over and over. When I unplug the cord from the power supply all the lights go off. When I plug it back up the computer come on by itself and does what I have described. I called Intel and they walked me through all the steps and finally said that it sounded like I need to reset my bios. So I unplugged everything that goes to the board and took out the  battery and let it sit overnight about 20hrs. I hooked everything up this morning and it still does the same thing. I have put the old video card back in and tried it along with the onboard video and nothing. Please let me know about any other tricks.

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          You can enter the BIOS setup program by pressing <F2> during the boot process and press <F9> to restore BIOS default settings. Make sure you are not using any kind of adapters or converters for this DVI cable.


          The complete guide for no boot issues can be found at the following website:


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            If you're going to be removing  a graphics card and using the onboard graphics in a board, be aware that the graphics card drivers and related software may need to be completely removed before shutting down and removing the card.


            My 'tip' for this situation is to find a spare, blank HDD, install it (unplugging the original drive in the process) and attempt to boot and load windows onto that HDD. If you've been diligent and regularly backed up everything on your original HDD and can afford to loose everything on it (and don't mind the tedium) you could just wipe the original drive using the manufacturers 'zero fill' HDD utility and then just attempt another fresh OS install.


            I'm thinking about the original problem you were getting (a fuzzy picture) and I remember when I got that with a very old PC I once owned, it was a sign the PSU was on the way out. If you therefore have a spare (compatible) power supply unit lurking somewhere, you could try swapping that over to see if it makes a difference. Don't buy one specifically until you've ascertained it is definitely a faulty PSU to blame though (otherwise your local computer shop may have one that can 'test substitute' for you (especially if that is the issue and you end up buying the new PSU from them).