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    DZ68BC MoBo and i72600S: VTx & VTd


      On Intel's website it is stated that these two components are fully compatible. It further states that the CPU provides both of the above VTs. The DZ68 chipset specs say that the BD82Z68 platform controller hub supports VTx with no mention VTd. I've chosen this processor for VTd. Can't find any specific info on the BIOS (what it supports etc.) In the fine print of the CPU specs. it cautions that for virtualization, all components and the BIOS must support it. Any tips on how to clear this up. Plus, I would really like to find out more about the BIOS. It seems kind of strange that I can find more info for the BIOS on ASUS' site for their MoBo that uses the same Intel chipset (unfortunately it doesn't support the 2600S). Thanks for your consideration and sharing your expertise.