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    intel dh55hc problem after recent bios update




      I got a problem with my dh55hc board recently after the recent TCIBX10H.86A.0048.EB bios update.The post starts normally but now it delays at starting windows.It will take approximately 1 1/2 min(on black screen with blinking cursor) to start showing the "starting windows" screen upon booting.After that,everything runs as normal but the problem reoccurs when the system is restarted.Here are some details for reference:


      -OS is win7 ultimate 64 bit (8gb ddr3,600w psu,gtx470,3 x 1tb hdd)

      -hdds are detected just fine in bios,post and perform as normal in dos,ghost,etc

      -tried another hdd as OS but still have the same problem

      -no other usb devices/usb hdd/usb pendrive attached at system boot

      -tried reverting to TCIBX10H.86A.0046.EB which worked fine before this but it still doesn't fix the problem


      The flow is as follows:

      Post - detect hdds,scanning for possible usb,cd boot media - starts first hdd - delayed for 1 1/2 min with black screen and blinking cursor - shows "starting windows" after delaying for 1 1/2 min - system runs as normal - restarting would reproduce the problem again.


      So is my mobo somehow showing signs of malfunction?or is it the new bios fault that could have modified something that could cause this problem?Please help and thanks in advanced for your valuable expertise.