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    SSD Toolbox 3.0.1 hangs with 300GB 320


      I just added a 300GB 320-series SSD to a system that already has a couple 160GB X-25M SSDs in it.  They're all in AHCI mode, all connected to the SATA ports on the motherboard's integrated Intel ICH10R controller.  The new SSD has the latest firmware (4PC10362), I am running Vista64 with Intel RST 10.8 drivers for the ICH10R.


      When I try to run the SSD optimizer on the new SSD, it nearly instantly goes to 12% on the progress bar, and hangs there with "Running..." depicted below it.  The "Run" and "Schedule" buttons show a blue highlight, indicating they are active choices, and "Cancel" is greyed out and can't be selected.  I can close the SSD Toolbox in this state with the "X" icon in the upper right corner of the window, and after that the SSD is filled with .bin files that can be deleted normally.


      The optimizer still runs normally (in a few seconds) on the two X-25M SSDs.


      Any ideas?